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May 18, 2013
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MnG : Murasakiyama Sora by Kuro-Q MnG : Murasakiyama Sora by Kuro-Q
For :iconmizu-no-gakuen: :iconmizu-no-gakuen: :iconmizu-no-gakuen:

Oh hohohoho~~ This is an all-boys school~~ :iconuhuhuhuplz: Which I LOVE it very much!!! >v< :iconasdfghplz:
Hope I can enter the group~~ >A<

Name : Murasakiyama Sora 紫山 空
Nickname: : Sora
Age : 16
Height : 179cm
Weight : 74kg
Ethnicity : Japan
Year : Freshman

Level : Biginner
Main Stroke : Back Stroke

Like :
    :bulletwhite: His brother ( Umi )
    :bulletwhite: Sleeping
    :bulletwhite: Watch anime and manga
    :bulletwhite: Fantasy or horror novel
    :bulletwhite: Story books
    :bulletwhite: Taking a long bath
    :bulletwhite: Sweets and chocolate
    :bulletwhite: Fruits
    :bulletwhite: Cats
    :bulletwhite: Staying at home or swimming pool

Dislike :
    :bulletblack: Unhygienic places
    :bulletblack: Dogs
    :bulletblack: Bugs
    :bulletblack: Cockroach
    :bulletblack: Spicy foods
    :bulletblack: Oily food
    :bulletblack: History
    :bulletblack: Geography
    :bulletblack: Nagging
    :bulletblack: Impolite people
    :bulletblack: Bad guys

Personality :
• Multiple personality disorder started since his twin-brother’s death.

His usual self personality:
| Quite | Kind | Polite | Anime Lover | Mild tempered |
    •Rarely talks or smile to others, unless it is necessary. Simple attitude of respect such as greeting will be done generously and whole-heartedly.

    •He is kind and helpful although he has a poker face which normally scared people away first before they even started to ask him for help. He wants to help others, but didn’t dare to ask due to his pride and will blush which he hates people seeing his weak side.

    •Will give a long speech when someone touches on the topic of anime or manga which he likes the most. Will stop and ran away suddenly when he saw people started staring at him like looking a freak.

    •He is a hardworking person when it comes to swimming and academic. (Which mean, lazy besides swimming and academic). Unlike his twin brother, his body was not meant for swimming or intensive exercise. He worked very hard from zero until what he has today.

    •A mild tempered person who rarely gets angry.

His split personality:
| Happy-go-lucky | Nice | Friendly | Open-minded |
    •Normally switched to this personality when he is preparing to swim.

    •More likely, this personality is his twin brother’s personality Umi.

    •Totally a swimming maniac and loves to stay in the water as long as he can.

    •A happy-go-lucky and friendly person who smiles at anyone he meets.

    •Don’t mind people called him Sora as he knew he had a similar face with Sora.

History :

Sora had a twin-brother who loved exercise very much. Among all types of sports his brother had tried, swimming was the best sport he encountered. As Sora has a direct opposite personality and body condition with his brother, he rarely touches any sports or exercise. His brother started to take up swimming course when he was 6 years old. Always stayed by his brother side, Sora would always go to the swimming pool with Umi doing nothing but observe his brother training with his private mentor or even sometimes watch manga beside the pool. Among all types of swimming style, his brother’s back stroke is the best. One day, while walking home from the pool which is just a stone throw away from their home, his brother told him about his goal of becoming an Olympic swimmer. Umi promised that he would do more training to achieve his goal and bring glory to their home. Everything went perfectly well for two years until his brother and he met a horrible accident. His brother saved him from been hit by a lost-control trunk but he himself took the impact. Due to road congestion and chain accident, the ambulance came late. His brother was dead when he was on his way to the hospital. Since his brother’s death, Sora and his family moved away to a new city to start over again. Sora can’t stand the loneliness and the feeling of losing his brother. Psychological trauma made him can’t sleep well at night and the dream of his brother been hit by the truck kept coming back to him. The problem of insomnia started getting worse day by day.

One day, he came across his brother’s swimming mentor and the mentor invited him to swim. He thought that was not a bad idea and he started to learn swimming. While learning swimming, all that he observed on how his brother swimming style had been used during the lesson. He pretended himself as he was his brother while he was swimming. He found out that it feels great to swim and ever since he started the swimming lesson, his nightmare of his brother’s death had gone. He knew his body condition can’t do as well as how his brother swim but he tried to do his best to change the condition of his body by staying healthy and keep fit. Sora didn't know that what he do or pretended to be has created a split personality of his brother in him years later. Since then, he could feel his brother talking with him and he feel safe once more as his brother was still beside him.

“For the sake of my brother…”

When it’s time to enroll in a high school, his family let him chose the school he wanted. He chose Mizu no Gakuen as it has the best rating of been the prestigious swimming school. He wants to improve his swimming skills, and to achieve his brother’s goal, a high rating swimming school is needed.

Additional info :
:bulletpurple: He likes purple.
:bulletpurple: Sleep in class when it comes to History and Geography.
:bulletpurple: He likes to eat, but in condition that the food must contain good nutrition for health.
:bulletpurple: He is not short-sighted. He wore the spectacle for fun.


Oh yeah!!! >v< So excited~~

#Mizu-no-Gakuen (c) : *Prince-Jae
Art/character (c): ~kuroinekoroi
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I love his design and his Hair and his Eyes are beautiful!! :heart:
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im confused...these are styled after the lovely boys from this some type of spin off?or just fun art for friends turning them into free! characters(which would be awesome)
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What a fine boy he is.
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OMG!!! Sawa is a CUTE senior!! Wah~~~
We should RP sometimes~~~ >v<
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