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TXC : Shi Shen by Kuro-Q TXC : Shi Shen by Kuro-Q

Oh my Gosh!!! This is an interesting group!!! Special thanks for my friend, :iconjunshiro: for inviting me and thanks for :icontiny-midget: for the advice ~~ >v<
Besides, this is my first seme type character!! >v< :iconuhuhuhuplz: Hope I can enter >.< Oh, and the tattoo is not quite finish yet qwq will revamp as soon as my school test is over qwq


:bulletgreen::bulletwhite::bulletgreen: Introduction :bulletgreen::bulletwhite::bulletgreen:

Name: Shi Shen 史燊
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Gang status: Bodyguard (Approve by tiny-midget)
Occupation: Bodyguard
Height: 191 cm.

:bulletgreen::bulletwhite::bulletgreen: Personal Information: :bulletgreen::bulletwhite::bulletgreen:

Personality: As he is a tall person, it is most probably, easy to get attention from others. He was uneasy in front of others if his every movement were observed by others. Besides, he came from a poor family. So he tended to keep a low profile life. He is a quite person who usually likes solitude rather than socializing. But still, he would talk and chat with others if they approached him. But people would usually find him quietly listen to the talk rather than he does the talking. He knows his topic of chatting is dull, which, it is one of the reasons he rarely talks. People would find it hard to get to know what he is thinking as usually there is no expression on his face until he opened-up to accept someone as his close member. Shen is a loyal person who would do anything for the people who treated him well. He would do all the good deeds for that person without letting that person knows. He is person who he is greatly in debt with the leader of the Green Tiger who saved his life. Quite adaptable to any kind of changes in order to survive as his father secretly taught him many things under his mother’s nose. His father taught him quite a lot of survive skill and combat skill. When it comes to the interest of the gang, he would do anything in all means to benefit his leader. He would cold-heartedly do anything illegal for the sake of the gang.

Positive personality traits:
- Calm
- Adaptable
- Loyal
- Respectable
- Responsible

Negative personality traits:
- Dull
- Quite
- Stern
- Indecisive
- Superficial

- Smoking (Though he only smoke when he is free)
- Refine his combat skills (Not only in boxing)
- Watching wrestling program show
- Play with Cats

- Close combat Skills
- Aiming
- Memorizing things

- Softspot to those who treated him well
- Towards women
- Making choices
- A little social awkward as he didn't really know what kind of expression he should wear
- Clumsy when comes to cook
- Weird taste on food

:bulletgreen::bulletwhite::bulletgreen: Background Information: :bulletgreen::bulletwhite::bulletgreen:

Father: Shi Tian 史天 | 60 | Alive | Living in an apartment paid by Shen at the adge of the city
Mother: Mdm. Shi, Luo Ling Ling 罗玲玲 | 57 | Alive | Living with her husband in an apartment paid by her son

(0-5 years): Long before he was born, his parents were from the noncolored. His father was a professional boxer while his mother was a teacher. They had a hard time going through their life since what his father did for a living didn't bring much income to the family, as well as his mother. After he was born, his father can’t stand to let his child suffered and lived under poverty. So, for the sake of his son, his father decided to participate in the Green Tiger gang. Though his mother was unhappy with the decision as it was dangerous, but for the time being, there was no harm done to her husband and they got a nice income. Shen who was the only child in the family as they were not a wealthy family to raise more than one child was been taken good care by his father and mother either in education or in physical.

(5-10 years): His life was perfect such as schooling and entertainment until his father got beaten up and got some broken bones on his hand and legs when he was having fight with other gangsters which out-numbered them. It was when Shen was 10 years old. His father can’t fight anymore and his boxer career ended suddenly. Besides, he became a normal member in the gang after the incident because he can’t fight like he used to fight before. Losing double income from his father, their life became difficult again although he had some saving before his father lost his job. Shen who was still a kid didn't understand what his parents faced in life. All he knew was, his father rarely went out from the house after the injuries while his mother tore secretly when his father was sitting in front of the TV watching boxing matches. But his father was still happy and enthusiastic as ever, trying to get his child to learn boxing from him. Of course, his mother strongly disagreed with them. So his father taught his son secretly when his mother was not at home or went for job.

(10-15 years): When he reached the age of going to secondary school, his mother who was the one who did the work of supporting the family was sick. His mother suffered from physical sickness and depression as she was over-stressed plus long working hours. Sometimes, he could hear quarrels from his parents, mostly about the matter of asking his father to take up a job to support the family. The worst quarrels Shen had ever heard was about divorce and the rights of taking the child. As a good kid, he started to do a part-time job at a shopping mall’s book store to help out with the family’s finance. Besides, he got the scholarship by himself for his schooling in order to reduce his family’s burden. His was good in his study since his mother was a teacher. Out of interest, he tried out quite a lot of sports in school such as swimming, taekwondo, jujitsu, boxing, running, archery and others. But mostly, he didn't take part in any competition since he didn't like to show off that much and he was a quite boy who rarely had any interaction with others.

(15-20 years): Still living in poverty, it was quite a big sum of money for him to continue his further study in university especially study in medic fields. It was his mother wishes for wish him to become a doctor. To earn money for himself, he sometimes did underground fighting aside from his usual shift in the bookstore as it was a faster way to earn money, but with risk. He secretly admired the Green Tiger gang because his father was a Green Tiger member. He hid his feeling from his parents since his mother disliked her son to involve in any gangs activity after his father incident. At the age of 19, it was time for him to move out since he was starting his life in university using a scholarship and the money he earned. At the same time, he still worked as a part-timer in the book store as he studied in university. Out of his parents’ control, he joined the Green Tiger as a street fighter and attended their activities with his face covered up since he didn't want his parents to find out.

(20-25 years): One day, there was a terrorist event happened in the mall where he was doing his part-time job. Quite a number of people had been kidnapped included him as wages for negotiation. Requesting for quite a huge amount of money and safe path out of the country from the government in return for the hostages, they will kill one hostage every half an hour if their requests didn't met what they wanted. At that period, the hostages were been killed one by one every half an hour later. Although he was thinking of fighting back these people, but he was outnumbered by these people. Besides, they had gun, all he had was just a Swizz Knife. He thought he was going to die but someone had come with a bunch of gangsters stomping against the terrorists. Apparently, the terrorists had trespass the Green Tiger territory. It was like seeing a light in the dark. He always heard about the appearance of the Green Tiger leader, but he didn't meet that person face to face before. So from all the description he remembered, he assumed that the person who came and save the hostages were the boss. He was surprised to see how young he was. He was grateful and wanted to repay him with whatever he had and he could. Thanked the boss for saving his life, he decided to work harder in the group in order to stay by the leader’s side as to repay his grace for saving him although it meant having a fight with his mother who opposed the idea of joining any gangs. He went back home to tell his parents the truth. His mother, under great stress and rage, denied him as her child. Before he graduated from the university, he had ended his relationship with his parents although his father didn't want to. But for the sake of his sick wife, he had to do what his wife said. He felt sorry for his parents but he wanted to show his loyalty towards the leader who saved his life. So secretly, he sent money back to his parents to repay their effort as his parents. He knew his mother won’t be grateful but that was enough for him if his mother could just accept the money.

(25-30 years): After the graduation, he get himself a tattoo all over his upper body which he wanted most as his father had the same tattoo too. He did what he can for the gang and eventually he got a post as a normal guard in HQ. He was over-joyed as he got a well-paid job. Finally out of poverty life. That was the thing he thought at the moment he got the job. And finally one step nearer to pay off my life debt for the leader. He got himself a nice house besides the HQ as it was much easier for him to work. He grew much attention and fond towards his leader although he may seems cruel in many ways but there were sometimes good side (good in other ways) of him. Though Shen may look older than the leader, he was amazed to find out that the leader was actually older than him by 4 years. This added on more respect and love from him towards the leader.

(30-35 years): Working as guard for several years in HQ, he was promoted by the leader to become his fulltime bodyguard. Shen worked on shifts and 20 hours a week. Though that was not enough for him, but he will do his best during his shift as he wanted to repay his life debt for the leader.

Gang History: He joined the gang at the age of 19 when he started his life in University and out of his parents’ control. He admired and looked up to his father who is a gang member. Although his first intention of joining the gang is to earn some quick money for his family and his school fees, but after the incident of been saved by the gang leader, his intention changed to repay the leader’s grace.

Weapon 1 : Swiss Army Knife (For self-defense)
Weapon 2 : Smith & Wesson M&P Compact Handgun (Work-use, not own by himself)

:bulletgreen::bulletwhite::bulletgreen: Additional information::bulletgreen::bulletwhite::bulletgreen:

Voice sample: -tbt-

Optional extra info:
1. Though he is quite a wealthy man, but he is still single.
2. He accepts either both genders as his lover. (:D Bisexual)
3. Though he may not look like someone who can handle fragile things like cat and women, but he is careful and gentle towards felines. (He thinks female is some kind of feline)
4. When he is not at work, he would stroll around the city.
5. He smokes but he is not a heavy smoker.
6. His upper part of his body is covered with tattoos, like wearing a cloth.
7. He understand English, Chinese and Melayu language

Relations: Jin / His boss

Art&Character (c) : :iconkuroinekoroi:
Jin (c) : :icontiny-midget:
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