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ZERO--00 : Silvan Silver by Kuro-Q ZERO--00 : Silvan Silver by Kuro-Q

Application for :iconzero--00:

So nervous about it >.<
Yes! I'm entering!! >v<
Feel free to rp with me through Skype or note~~ :happybounce: :happybounce:


Name : Silvan Silver

D.O.B : 31th of October

Age : 17

Gender : Male

Height : 173 cm

Occupation : Student

Zone : Zone 1

Demonic Weapon:
Wind Blade. A special sword that is a Non-blade samurai sword, just a piece of thin metal. Sharp wind that can slice anything, but it can't cut through an object with a thickness of 10 cm (wall, diamond, granite). Though he can use the wind to form sharp wind blade towards opponent, but the limited range for the wind blade is only 2 meter and weaken after 1.5 meter. He can only activate his wind blade when he was injured and the blood stained the blade. The bigger the amount of wind blade produced, the longer it takes to recharge to make another wave of wind blade. So he usually uses the sword that is covered with sharp wind to attack opponent. That makes him a short distant fighter.

Quite person. - He is a quite boy who dislikes quarrels and gossips. He usually avoids troublesome matters and makes himself as invisible as he can in class. His quietness sometimes makes other thinks that he is a cold-hearted person. But, his cute face makes him very noticeable among boys and girls.

A little Pessimistic. - He is a minor pessimist and he always thinks that he has no rights to born in this world as he is an illegitimate child. He has a sombre expression that makes his look even more pessimistic. He can’t smile although sometimes he would like to do so but the expression would be really weird. That makes him thinks that he is a useless person who can’t even smile. The word ‘Sorry’ has becomes the word he usually says after his brother death although he didn’t mean it.

A little sadistic and masochistic. - His inner side of his normal form. He doesn’t show it out in his normal form. He likes to verbally attack people and likes physical pain to make him feels alive.

Impatient and bad tempered. - His inner side of his normal form. He doesn’t show it out in his normal form. He usually listens to others prate with that sombre and calm expression although in his heart he feels impatient about it. His impatient and bad tempered shows in zero form.

Silvan was an illegitimate child. His father is the head of a mafia clan and he usually lives in Zone 2. Silvan and his mother (second wife) lived in Zone 1 and all the expenses were paid by his father. He didn’t meet his father often as his father lived in Zone 2 with the first wife. He only met his father once in a month when his father came to Zone 1 to visit them. In his memory, his father was a good and sedate person; father always put Silvan on his lap while reading story books to him.

When Silvan was still a kid, he was a kind, shy, timid and innocent child. He didn’t know why his daddy is not living with them. His mother didn’t tell him the reason.

When he was around 9 years old, he came to learn that his mother was the second wife and he knows what his father’s occupation was. He was depressed with the situation he was he was facing. Soon, his father officially told his first wife about the existence of the second wife. It was then, Silvan and his mother was often been called back to the main home in Zone 2. His mother and he had to face the pressure and harsh words from the first wife. He can’t understand why his mother loves his father so much until she is willingly to lower down herself in front of the first wife. He felt sad for his mother but he can’t hate his father for making his life stressful as his father treated his mother and him well enough.

Soon, they were asked to move into the mansion in Zone 2, to live together with the father as well as the first wife. His father first wife had a son, a half-blood-related brother to Silvan. His brother treated him well and played with him. He loved his brother very much. During the hard time in the mansion, his brother often comforted him and managed to stop his mother from beating Silvan’s mother. Although his father already set the rules that no fighting is allowed in the house, but the father didn't actually step in to control them. The first wife always hit his mother. Silvan always came to shield his mother but as a result, he got scars and bruises on his body. His father knew but the he thought he should let the son to endure the pain by himself. After all, he is the son of the head of the mafia clan. Silvan cried with pain at night and the nightmare of his first mother (first wife) tortured him. But what can he do? He eventually developed the idea of it was a mistake that he was been born to this world and it was a mistake that his mother met his father. He had enough with the crying stuff and started to shut his true emotion with that calm and sombre expression.

He loved his mother, although sometimes he couldn't stand his mother's attitude towards him. His mother loved him a lot but she cared too much about her own love life with his father without consider how much pain was there in the young boy's heart. He felt as if his mother loved his father more than him. She was willing to sacrifice so much for his father but not him. She often used up too much of her time for other stuffs rather than keep him company. His felt as if his mother neglected his feelings. But he kept his feelings to himself. And he loved his father although his father was always carefree towards all the drama happening in the family. His father didn't care about their feelings at all as he only concentrated on his work most of the time. The father thought they should be okay as long as they have a luxury place to live and the first wife didn't torture them to death. Silvan didn't really hate his father's first wife because he understands how she felt. She needed to share her husband with another women. It seemed that she was in a state of hysteria and had mental problems. She couldn't cope up with the stress she received. Sometimes, it was true that the father seemed to love the second wife more. He loved his brother. Although he was only a half-blood-related brother, he was the one who cares about him the most.

He was 14 years old when the first wife died due to sickness.

Eventually, Silvan’s mother became the first wife in the family. He was afraid that his brother would hate his mother and him for his mother‘s death. But he didn’t, at least he didn't showed it out. The brother probably did hate them? Silvan wasn't sure about it.

In a mafia family, the most common problem that faced was the inherit matter. His father was choosing between his brother and him for the position of next mafia leader. Silvan doesn’t want any fight between he and his brother over a position matter. By rights, his brother is the one to inherit the position as his brother often help out in his father career. But it seemed like his father wanted them to fight with each other for the position, even if it will cost their lives. He couldn't understand why. Why he had just a scary father? His father's cold and cruel self was truly shown in front of him. Was that his father's true self? He still remembered how his father cared for him when he was still a kid... But now... His father cared so much about the mafia clan... The head of the mafia clan. The cold-blooded man. He just wanted to solve the inherit matter using his own selfish way. Why was his father acting in such a weird manner?

Shouldn't he just let the first son inherit the position since he helped him a lot? Actually, his father had his own reasons. Cruel and selfish reasons. The first son was physically strong, good at fighting. The second son was weaker but smarter. That was why, the cruel father chose to let the two sons fight and see who will survive. After all, it was his motto, 'The one who survives takes the position as the head of the clan'. He just wanted to see the results. Who will be the one with a darker heart? Who will be the one who stand still towards the end? That would be the suitable person for the position as the head of the mafia clan.

His relationship with his brother wasn't as good as before anymore... They didn't fight or yelled at each other but they seldom talk anymore.

He loves his brother very much. He wanted peace in the family and he is willingly to let his brother take over the position. After all, Silvan didn't want the position. He came to his brother’s room one night wanted to tell his brother about his idea. He didn’t know that his brother was suffering from the pressure given by his father. Silvan didn’t know that his father had arranged a 'battle of death' for them a month later. Some kind of battle to test their strengths and the ability to think of strategies when facing an opponent. Most importantly, his father wanted to see who was mentally stronger and cruel in order to take the stress. To become the head of a mafia clan, one must be cruel. That was what his father thought. His brother was really stressed after hearing the news. That night, his brother had some alcoholic drinks to release his stress. He suddenly attacked Silvan thinking that he was a boyish girl as he wanted to release his stress. Silvan who is smaller in size was pushed down by his brother. His clothes were torn off harshly by his brother. Silvan was really afraid and tried to get away from his brother. But his brother was stronger than him. He pushed his brother away but he got beaten badly, his face was bruised and nose was bleeding. His brother wasn't acting like himself at least due to the alcoholic drinks. The feeling of disgust and sadness came like a stormy sea wave in his heart. He tried to get the samurai sword besides his brother bed. He kicked his brother as hard as he can to get the samurai sword on the display shelf. It was a coincidence that when he took the sword to defend himself, his brother suddenly rushed towards him with great force and was stabbed right through his heart. Eyes widen, Silvan didn’t know why his brother didn’t stop when he saw him pointing the sword towards him.

Why… He could have stopped when he saw the sword…

His brother gave up… He didn’t want to hurt Silvan at all…He loves him… He had the thought of committing suicide since his father kept pushing him…. He wanted to sacrifice himself.

“Sorry…” Tears gushing out when he heard the faint words and the sad smile from his brother before he died. He could feel his brother’s weight sank heavily on him. Blood gushing out from his brother’s wound and he can’t do anything about it. He hugged his brother like a still doll trying to keep his brother’s warmth until his father together with his close henchman came in and saw what had happened. When he was forced to part with his brother, he couldn’t forget the feeling of killing someone and the cold body of his brother.

“Well done, my son.” His father gave him a big hug not even bother that the blood on Silvan will stain his white shirt. He was numbed. After that, his father did a lot of stuffs to cover up the incident. It was covered successfully. Even his mother didn't know about it. Everyone thought his brother was attacked by some enemies and died. Only the father, the henchman and Silvan knew the truth. Silvan didn't even have the right to go and surrender to the police. He wanted to but his father stopped him. He couldn't do anything... Anything. He was tired of everything and he tried to forget what had happened. But the sad smile on his brother face kept on coming back to him.

Months had passed since the incident happened. His mother actually met up with her old friend. Something serious seemed to happened to their family but Silvan wasn't into the mood to ask about it. Then, mother's friend came to their mansion to work as a housekeeper.

Silvan was no longer the shy, timid, and innocent boy. The unchanged was that he was still as quiet as before, and always sticks with his sombre expression. His father trained him hard after his brother was dead. His father wanted him to be prepared to take over his position. When he was 16, his father decided to move to Zone 1 again. Maybe he was getting old and wanted to relax in zone 1. He was still sitting on his position as the head of the clan but he had helpers to take care of the work in Zone 2. Life was somehow relaxed although he still needed to train sometimes. His fighting skills had improved now but still he has poor stamina. One morning, he woke up and noticed a mysterious device at the side and his pupils had turned into zeros. But no one could see it.


Likes :
+His late brother
+Weird clothes
+White colour

-Hysteria person
-Rude people

Lazy to open his mouth to speak.
Read books most of the time to make himself busy


Special thanks to my friend, :iconjunshiro: for helping me in my poor grammar and language... >.< Quite a bother for her to help me in my language>.<


Character and art (c) : :iconkuroinekoroi:
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KiyokoAmaya Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wah, pretty design-- like the soft colors~ :iconcblushplz: And I like the interesting limitation on his weapon, how he has to be hurt and drip his blood on it to use it! *O*
Kuro-Q Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Awwww~~~ >v< Thank you~~:iconureshiiplz:
And Oh, my~~ I didn't think much about that limitation I had given to my bby~
AH! My baby has to be hurt before using his weapon!! Poor bby... >.<
What have I done... Q A Q
mazubutt Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist
:la: gratz for getting in www///
Kuro-Q Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thank you~~~ >v<
CJsHands Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Young blood--

He has quite the pretty face and hair....I love the coloring on his hair in zero form especially!

ah, mafia families sure are dumb with this whole "heir" business. A democracy would solve these brutal battle royal pressure possibilities that make kids go crazy and ram themselves into swords e 7 e/

Either way very nice read, he should be interesting to interact with~
Kuro-Q Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Awww~~ Thank you~~
I like the color of the hair too when it was done~~ Fluffy ~

I was quite surprised when I came out with the idea of mafia as I didn't write that type of story before~ That makes me love my baby even more~~

Feel free to interact with him~~
CJsHands Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It's always good to love your baby, even if he's YOUNG BLOOD

My char has a really young face but he's manly tall and gives me secondhand pedo feelings even though he's not pedo at all omgggggg all these young chars what is Bon even doing talking to them

//passes out
Dubslider Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Woah, this person is so pretty
they remind me of a porcelain doll.
i'm diggin the subtle details of the costumes.
Kuro-Q Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Nya~~~ >v< Thank you~~
I like cute cute and pretty people~~ He does look like a doll, well at some point, under his father control~~ ^^
Junshiro Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013
No~ I bother you more~ LOL~ Anyway, you are welcome~~XD
Ne-Cola Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Kuro-Q Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
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